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Tests on Civil Engineering Materials

Fine aggregates (sand) Coarse aggregates
Gradation Gradation
Bulk density Crushing value
Relative density Impact value
Soundness Soundness
Silt content Abration value (LA method)
Specific gravity Water absorption
Water absorption capacity Flakiness
Bulk modulus Elongation
Organic matter Bulk density
  Deleterious material
  Stripping value
Building brick and acid resistance brick Reinforcement steel
Compressive strength Yield and Ultimate strength
Water absorption Elongation
Flexural strength Mass (kg/m)
Acid resistance Bend & re-bend test
Tiles Cement
Abration Consistency
Water absorption Setting time (initial and final)
Flexural strength Compressive strength (3 days, 7days, 28 days)
Acid resistance Soundness
Water (for Construction Purpose) Bitumen test
pH vaule Marshal Stability Test for Bitumen
Chloride content (Cl) Penetration test
Sulphate content (SO3)  
Testing of Hardened Concrete Laboratory tests on soil samples.
Core Drilling (25mm to 150mm diameter size) Grain size analysis by Sieve and Hydrometer.
Load test on slabs and bridge deck, RCC floor Shrinkage limit
Compressive strength of cubes by normal curing method Atterberg's limits. (liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index)
Compressive strength of cubes by accelerated curing method Proctor compaction test (Standard and Modified method)
Compressive strength of paver blocks, curb stones, hollow blocks, mortar blocks, AAC blocks,etc
Specific gravity
  Field dry density/ Field moisture content
  Free swell index
  Swell pressure of soil
  Unconfined compressive strength
  Laboratory Vane shear test
  Permeability of soil
  Box shear small and large
  Consolidation properties of soil
  Triaxial test (UU, CU, CD)
  C.B.R. Test
  Chemical analysis (Sulphate, Chloride, pH)
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